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Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Care Guide

Care Guide

Here is a brief summary of what you will find in our ebook:

  • General Plant Care Tips

All plants need water and light to grow! Tips for keeping your plants alive including water, light and other the most vital elements.

  • Repotting Guide 

Do you know how to repot a houseplant without killing it? Repotting is a big part of being a plant parent and you will learn how to do it in our care guide.


  • Growing plants tips 

Do you know how to grow plants from cutting, seeds or plugs? Just follow our guide and soon you will be a master of it!

  • Natural Ways to Deal with Pests in Houseplants 

If you’ve been a houseplant lover and have owned a few plants, you might’ve already dealt with pest issues. Luckily for us, nature is the best tool to use against nature. 

  • Specific instructions for different plants 

Do you know that Aralia can survive in low light conditions while Alocasia requires very bright indirect light? You will find all these specific care tips for each individual plant in our guide! 

  • Our Top Ten Favs 

Everyone has their favorites and there are a few of ours and you can buy any of them on our website!




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