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Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚

Pothos 'Albo Variegata'

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Size: 4" Pot
  • Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Albo-Variegata’
  • Common Name(s): Albo-Variegata Pothos
  • Description: One of the rarest pothos, White Variegated Epipremnum ‘Albo- Variegata’ showcases creamy whites and lush greens that create a truly breathtaking houseplant. The juvenile leaves are narrow and oval-shaped, but as the plant matures and the leaves become larger and fenestrated so it looks somewhat similar to White Monstera. Provide a moss pole or trellis for the plant to climb and grow in partial sun or bright, indirect light. Fertilize with a dilute solution of balanced fertilizer during the active growing season. Let the top of the soil dry between watering to keep this plant thriving.
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