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Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚

5 Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Check out the indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill. 

Houseplants can brighten up your interior and also provide you with a breath of fresh air. But the tricky part comes in when people do not consider their plant-care experience and the needs of certain plants before actually purchasing them. 

While there are some plants that are almost impossible to kill the majority of plants still need far more than minimum maintenance. In order to avoid some major complications with your plants, we suggest you get ones that will require not much effort from you as the plant-parent. 

Check out our pick of low-maintenance plants that can take a little bit of neglect. 

Snake Plant 

low-maintenance-houseplantsThe top plant on our list is Snake Plant, which is probably the most resilient plant out there. The only way to kill the Snake Plant is to do it on purpose. If you are a beginner and just getting started with plant-parenting this is easily the best option for you since they require from zero to minimum care. Snake Plants can be grown both indoors and outside and can tolerate drought and low light, they also do a great job when it comes to purifying the air and adding a modernism look to your place. 

Care Tips. Try not to water this plant too frequently and make sure you water it from the bottom of the pot. Water much less throughout the winter as the Snake plant is not actively growing during the winter season. 


Spider Plant 


Another popular houseplant for beginners is Spider Plant, which is also usually known as ‘’The Best Starter Plant’’. Thanks to its adaptability this plant will thrive in most situations and many different environmental conditions. It’s almost impossible to kill Spider Plant as they do not require much pruning, fertilizing, or even watering to thrive at their best.  

Care Tips. One thing that the Spider plant does not appreciate the most is direct sunlight, which might bother their leaves and even cause brown spots and tips, so make sure you keep your Spider Plant in bright to moderate indirect sunlight. 



Another great plant for newbies is Pothos, due to its resistance to death it is often even called devil’s ivy and we think this sums up pretty much everything about this plant. 

If your schedule is complicated or you lack plant-caring experience this is definitely a plant to consider. With just bare maintenance you can easily keep this one looking fresh and healthy. 

Care Tips. Be careful when it comes to watering as too much overwatering could be the cause of the rotting of the roots. Clean the leaves with a damp cloth every week to keep them looking fresh. 


English Ivy 


If you are looking for a very low-maintenance houseplant with extra benefits then you are at the right place. English Ivy can easily tolerate low light and is also an ideal option for hangers-on your balconies and terraces. This plant does not like to be overwatered also make sure you do not let the soil dry thoroughly. 

Keep in mind that English Ivy is not a pet-friendly plant and having it around your dogs and cats can be dangerous due to its mildly poisonous berries. 

Care Tip. Water thoroughly. From spring to fall make sure you keep the soil evenly moist; slightly drier during the winter. Put this plant in bright but not in direct sunlight. 



 It's almost impossible to go wrong when it comes to taking care of Dracaena. This is a wildly popular choice for homes and public spaces. Their topical foliage comes in many different shapes, colors, and patterns. Dracaena also do a great job purifying the air. Some Dracaenas do their best in low light while others prefer filtered, bright and indirect light. you do not have to do much of the fertilizing and watering for this one. Keep in mind that Dracaena is not a pet-friendly plan. 

Care Tips. Dracaenas can go a fairly long time without being watered, but that does not mean that they do not enjoy being moist. Make sure you place this plant at a warm temperature for it to thrive. Fertile your Dracaenas once or twice throughout the spring-summer season. 


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