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Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
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5 Best Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Looking for some houseplants that are safe for your plants? 

You have got your fur baby and your houseplants, but the sad part is that sometimes the two do not simply mix. The great thing is that you do not have to sacrifice any of them as today we will present you the houseplants that are safe to have around your furry friends.

Here is our pick of the 5 best pet-friendly houseplants


best pet friendly plants snake plant
1. Spider Plant 
If you are looking for a plant with good adaptability traits then the spider plant should definitely be on the top of your list. This plant can grow in many different conditions and the only problem it can face is just a little bit of brown tips. 
Care tips. The needs for a spider plant are beyond simple. Choosing a temperature in the room that is comfortable for everyone and placing it in a bright to moderate light is basically all it needs. Water the plant once a week in spring-summer and keep the soil dry in the winter between waterings. 


best pet friendly plants parlor palm

   2.  Parlor Palm

The parlor plant makes a great indoor plant for first-time plant owners since it requires very basic care and is beyond easy to maintain. It grows in attractive clumps with light-textured foliage cloaking thin trunks.

 Care tips. Keep the plant in normal to higher humidity. Water every 1-2 weeks. Parlor Palm survives in medium to bright indirect light and can also tolerate low indirect light. 



best pet friendly plants peperomia 3. Peperomia  

The peperomia houseplant is also known as the baby rubber plant and is an attractive addition to your table, desk, or as a member of your houseplant collection. They occupy a small place and you can place them anywhere you choose. 


 Care Tips. The peperomia is low maintenance houseplant and it’s usually a really smart choice for beginners. Place it in a medium to low light and try to avoid the direct sun. you will only need to water them when the soil is dry and the plant food or fertilizer is rarely necessary.


best pet friendly plants fern nidus

 4. Fern Nidus 

Fern Nidus is one of the most popular houseplants. This evergreen perennial fern produces undivided, lance-shaped fronds with slightly wavy edges. They are highly efficient when it comes to converting CO2 into oxygen and cleaning the air. Additionally, taking care of Fern Nidus is super easy, making it excellent value for money. 

 Care Tips. Your fern is going to be in a good condition as long as you provide it with warmth, humidity, and moisture. If you are going to grow fern as a houseplant, the shower or tub are probably the best places to put it as they will receive the humidity and warmth they need. 


best pet friendly plants Rattlesnake 5. Rattlesnake Plant

Commonly grown as an indoor houseplant, the rattlesnake plant is an evergreen perennial houseplant. Despite being a little bit tricky to nurture, giving just enough care will be just fine with an impressive display from the distinctive foliage variegated with various shades of greens and a wavy pattern along the edges.

Care tips. If you are a beginner rattlesnake plant probably is not the best option for you since they have very particular requirements for light, moisture, and heat. 


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