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Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚
Delivered to your doorstep, grown by farmers in the USA 💚

Autumn Plant Care Tips

Keep your plants alive, fresh and happy with our autumn care tips. 

Every new season means a new plant care routine for plant-parents. Since the temperature, the duration of the daylight and the overall atmosphere changes we should follow the appropriate new steps to keep our indoor plants alive, fresh and happier than ever.

Here is everything you need to do for your house plants in Autumn:

Cut down on fertilizer

A lot of you will see your indoor plants looking sadder, losing quite bit of the leaves and having a major ‘’downtime’’ during the autumn period. Until the days start to get bit longer and warmer in spring you have to have a different plant-care for your indoor friends to help them make it through the cold days.

For plants the lack of sunlight means the less growth possibility and therefore cutting back on the fertilizer until the spring is highly recommended.  

Watch out for temperature
What happens in winter? We start to heat up our accommodations a lot more which have a direct influence on our indoor plants in the way that the air at home becomes a lot drier and there is not enough humidity for our plants and for the tropical ones this is something they have hard time living without.

Mist your plants regularly for as much as you can, but once you start doing that make sure you mist the air around your houseplants and not directly to the leaves as they do not really enjoy it.   

Wipe their leaves

Why should you always try to remove the dust off your houseplants? This is the easiest way to get your plants start producing the energy for their growth.

When trying to clean up your plants, make sure you are gentle with them and always use damp cloth for wiping the leaves.  

Water Less 

Cutting down your watering session in autumn is a must for your plant’s growth. As there is less sunlight your plants are not growing as fast as in warmer seasons. Try watering your plants only in case of the soil being dry 1-2 inches deep. 

While adjusting the watering schedule for your plants make sure you keep in mind that they love consistency and it is a key for their happiness. Water your plants weekly. Always perform the finger test before you start the watering process. 

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